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Log-in problems

hard day at the office
Anyone else having problems logging in to LJ? For about the last two weeks, I've been having problems--the log-in page (my LJ) doesn't fully load--I get everything except the top part that contains the login box. At first it was sporadic, and started about the time of the DOS trouble; the last few days it's all the time. To log in, I need to view my friends page (public, no flocked version), and find a post to comment on. The comment process allows to me log in, through a side door, as it were, but it's rather a pain.

Anyone else having this problem?
Anyone know why it's happening?
Anyone know how to fix it?

(ISP is Earthlink, through an dial-up connection).

Any ideas would be welcome.

Momento mori

mahler, music
In memoriam Alice Smith, obiit 25 January 2011.

Prayers please for her peace and for comfort and strength for her husband, Paul Smith (my father) in the coming days. He is now, in effect, living alone and without a wife for the first time in his adult life (basic training in the Army sixty years ago doesn't quite count as living alone).

(for medical background, refer to two posts ago, written back in August)

Conversation tonight

mahler, music
It's frightening how quickly the Alzheimer's has taken hold in the last two three months. Tonight's highlight, after an aborted attempt to move her from the recliner chair she uses during the day to the commode six inches away:

Me (in frustration because of her panic attacks) Relax! I'm here! I'll do the worrying for both of us!
Mother (stares a moment): What's your name?
Me: Do you remember who I am?
Mother (stares a moment, then, complaining: You don't want to tell me.
Me: Who am I?
Mother: You're always in here helping me.
Me: I'm your son.
Mother: (looks at me, tring to assimilate the news that she has a son, then:)
I love you.
Mercifully, the home health aide comes into the room at that moment, having just finished running an errand

I sometimes think that it would be easier to deal with this if I didn't believe in God. That way I wouldn't wonder about His reasons for putting us both through this. It would just be the universe being randomly cruel again.

Prayer request

mahler, music
Kind of urgent.

My father's second wife (to call her stepmother would be suggesting a much closer relationship than we have ever had) has been battling with cancer, and neurological troubles caused by the chemotherapy, for about five years now, complicated by a couple of bad falls that resulted in a twice fractured hip, so she has been only walking with a walker or with someone helping her, that someone usually being my father. He's 80, she's about ten years younger than he is.

That's the background.

Yesterday she woke up with an intense headache, and couldn't move part of her body. Paramedics came, result eventually was surgery to take care of an aneurysm in her brain that had broken. The surgery yesterday afternoon did what it needed to do, but---

She has yet to wake up, and the doctors are telling my father she may never wake up. He's now facing the process of finding her a nursing home, permanent round the clock care, breathing machines, etc. etc.--and of course all limited by how much money they have available (roughly nothing, since they've been spending what they have on her cancer meds for the last couple of years) and how much the health plan will pay for. This of course is besides the emotional minefield of dealing with her condition, and the fact that she may never wake up again.

And they have no idea yet of what the neurological damage from the aneurysm might be, and won't for a while, even if she wakes up soon.

So prayers please

Her name is Alice and his is Paul (Pinchas ben Binyamin).


mahler, music
A birthday song for Gustav

Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen,
Mit der ich sonst viele Zeit verdorben,
Sie hat so lange nichts von mir vernommen,
Sie mag wohl glauben, ich sei gestorben!

Es ist mir auch gar nichts daran gelegen,
Ob sie mich für gestorben hält,
Ich kann auch gar nichts sagen dagegen,
Denn wirklich bin ich gestorben der Welt.

Ich bin gestorben dem Weltgetümmel,
Und ruh' in einem stillen Gebiet!
Ich leb' allein in meinem Himmel,
In meinem Lieben, in meinem Lied!

I am lost to the world
with which I used to waste so much time,
It has heard nothing from me for so long
that it may very well believe that I am dead!

It is of no consequence to me
Whether it thinks me dead;
I cannot deny it,
for I really am dead to the world.

I am dead to the world's tumult,
And I rest in a quiet realm!
I live alone in my heaven,
In my love and in my song!

Chillul Hashem

mahler, music
From the Daily Dish
Israeli settlers--from the fact that they are wearing yarmulkes it may be deduced that they are pretending to be religious Jews--verbally abuse a woman whose house has been stolen from her by their comrades.

The technical term for such behavior is chillul Hashem, profanation of the Name of G-d.

Mahler recordings

mahler, music
Jens, one of the posters at Ionarts (which is based in Washington DC), has posted a very extensive survey of Mahler recordings at the WETA blog, with his personal preferences.
You can find it here:

Of his recommendations, I own only ten. But then I only have a total of 71 Mahler recordings overall--a fairly small inventory.

How Santa Gave His First Gift

mahler, music
Posted at my other blog a year ago, but still timely.

And A Merry Christmas/Yule/whatever you celebrate...

Anyone want a seriously used Sefer Torah?

Sotheby's is auctioning off a 700 year old Sefer Torah.

Details and further linkage here:

Scoring some Mahler scores

mahler, music
Anyone know where I can locate on line scores of Mahler's Second and Third Symphonies? ChoralWiki only has partial piano reductions, and IMSLP only has the individual instrumental parts, not complete scores. As regards the Second, at least, this seems to be due to copyright issues.

And also the Tenth which does not even get listed by IMSLP.

Any pointers would be appreciated.


For Phil Coates

mahler, music
The El Greco in Edinburgh

For comparison, unrestored Michelangelo: a fresco of the Conversion of St. Paul also in the Vatican, but not in the Sistine Chapel.

To the people who sat behind me this morning

Yes, you, you know who you are. The people behind me at Rosh Hashanah services this morning.
If all you wanted to do was to talk to your friends all morning long, it would have been a lot cheaper if you had arranged a breakfast brunch at the Deli Den, instead of paying for those two seats. Plus you could have talked without being interrupted by that pesky rabbi. And the rest of us could have done prayers. You know, the stuff you're supposed to do in synagogue.

Side note on my own absurdities: saying "l'shanah tovah" with a Hebrew accent to the rabbis and the cantor, and with a Yiddish accent to everyone else....

Ian Alert

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This week's TV sections announces that Great Performances will be showing Ian McKellan's King Lear this week. My local PBS station will be showing it Wednesday at 8 PM. But PBS being PBS, your local station may show it at a different time, so be aware!

Pour Grandmere Mimi

mahler, music
York: the Shambles and the Minster, 1994

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How Kishnevi spent his Christmas

mahler, music
by listening to Christmas music, obviously.
Christmas Eve: Handel, Messiah, Jacobs, conductor, Frieburger Barockorchester, Choir of Clare College (Harmonia Mundi)
Pergolesi: Messa Romana/A. Scarlatti: Messa per il Santo Natale, Alessandrini, conductor, Concerto Italiano (Naive)
Christmas morning: slept late, vacuumed, then--
Bach, Christmas Oratorio (BVW 248), Flamig, conductor, Bachorchester der Dresdner Philharmonie, Dresdner Kreuzchor (RCA Red Seal)
Berlioz: L'Enfance de Christ, Bent, conductor, Corydon Orchestra and Chorus (Hyperion)
Handel, Messiah, Davis, conductor, London Symphony Orchestra and Chorus (Philips)
finishing with (even as I write)
Gabrieli: Processional and Ceremonial Music, Appia, conductor, Gabrieli Festival and Chorus,
(Vanguard Classics/Artemis Classics)

Favorite CDs of 2008

mahler, music
Kishnevi's best of 2008
(and a Christmas bonus)

Herewith, Kishnevi's list of his 15 favorite new recordings of 2008 (actually 20, but who's counting?)

The criteria for this list is pretty simple:
1)It was released in 2008
2)Kishnevi, not being a paid music critic who can get free copies of new releases from the recording companies, bought it with his own funds
3)Kishnevi liked it enough to include on the list

Not being mentioned is of no real significance. There are plenty of recordings which Kishnevi, having limited funds, did not buy. There were several others which Kishnevi did buy but which Kishnevi, while he is not sorry he bought them, does not feel anyone will miss something by not buying them. Nor does inclusion on the list mean that Kishnevi think these are the best recordings of 2008 or the best recordings of a particular piece ever made; it merely means that Kishnevi likes them better than others he has bought or at least heard. The list reflects Kishnevi's tastes; therefore, for instance, almost nothing more "modern" than Britten appears here because Kishnevi buys little of it, and tends to be sorry afterwards when he does, whereas much Mahler does appear because, frankly, we neurotic Jews have to stick together.

The list is more or less chronological by composers. :

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Mahler binge

mahler, music
Been going overboard a bit with Mahler lately.
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Camelot test

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Time for a quizzy meme. (Found on highlyeccentric)

Your result for The Camelot Test...


You love magic. You value knowledge and power, yet appreciate the value in the humblest creatures.

Take The Camelot Test at HelloQuizzy


new blog

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I've started a "real" blog. News oriented and not personal.

I'll still be keeping up with my flist here, but any posting I do here will be entirely personal and probably f-locked.

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